What we do?

Knowledge Sharing Platform

We provide our members means for sharing knowledge about their experiences in software engineering consultancy services provided in the past to facilitate cross-learning, helping to close the geographic and thematic bridges. We also facilitate our members on consolidation of experiencie and tools.

Software Engineering Consultants

We are commited to find the best software engineering consultant for your requirements. LATASEG can recommend you and your organization professional consultants in areas you are interested in. Consultants can also taught software engineering courses to your organization. Note that LATASEG itself does not provide consultancy services.

Who we are?

We are a group of latin american software engineers. All LATASEG members are hands-on experienced in several areas of software engineering, such as, and not limited to, Software Development, Agile methods and frameworks, Testing, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Semantic Web and Recommender Systems.

LATASEG is the platform we, a group of software engineers, use to share thoughts, experiences and knowledge.

We strive to provide each other member with experience about our personal constultancy services being provided today and in the past.

Recommended Readings

We also recommend articles from our software engineering consultants.

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